Today’s Privacy Living in a Luxury Estate

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Whatever kind of privacy you prefer toward the end of a long driveway, behind guileful entryways or fences, at the highest point of a private lift, or on a remote island, privacy and security is king.

Privacy Luxury Estate

Modern Age Privacy in Luxury Estates

The dictionary defines privacy as “the state of being apart from other people or concealed from their view” and freedom “from unwanted or undue intrusion or disturbance in one’s private life or affairs.” Today, issues of privacy focus largely on the defense of identity and personal data and growing concerns about intrusive… Read more at

In spite of the fact that some individuals who live under the radar in this world are not exactly so imperceptible to whatever is left of us, there is a parallel here. They stroll nearby us amid the day, however during the evening they vanish off the map.

Private Luxury Homes

Paparazzi-chased celebrities have learnt how to become invisible

All that online maps show of the area are street routes and names – what could perhaps be an outline plan for a future housing development. But anyone looking for a kerbside view of the property will find no evidence of it… Read more at Financial Review

1251 Tower Grove | Complete Privacy in Beverly Hills

Set behind private gates opening onto a lush, tree lined drive way, this one-of-a-kind home, originally designed by renowned architect Bob Ray Offenhauser, offers complete privacy, spacious accommodation and picturesque, curated aesthetic perfection. Set on over an acre of land, with… Watch here

Childhood Home of Judy Garland Is Up for Sale

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It was fifty years ago when two of the greatest actresses in Hollywood lived in this home. Bette Davis and Joan Crawford had long successful acting careers. 180 South McCadden Place in Hollywood, the home was reportedly “respectable,” rather than “luxurious,” although it has Judy’s very first swimming pool.


Judy Garland’s Childhood Home Is for Sale—and It’s Not in Kansas

There’s no place like Judy Garland‘s childhood home, which, surprisingly enough, is located in Lancaster, CA, a good hour-and-a-half drive northeast of Los Angeles. Although the Antelope Valley town is a bit remote, and not one of the Golden State’s more glamorous locales, you just can’t brush the stardust off… Read more at


Although Garland’s childhood home, built in 1915, has been expanded and remodeled, some of the original features it had when she lived there still exist. You can gaze out the same windows, brush against the same moldings, and dance across some of the same floors.

Judy Garland Home / Whatever Happened to Baby Jane House

Luxurious Wine Cellar Design

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For wine enthusiasts, a wine room and storage is essential to any home. See how T.J. Farnsworth made a luxurious wine room that every wine connoisseur and enthusiast’s dream.

Luxurious Wine Cellar

Making room for fine wine

The tall wooden shelves in T.J. Farnsworth’s spacious wine room hold hundreds of bottles of wine. There are standard 750 ml bottles as well as various-size magnums holding whites, rosés and reds. Some are still in the decorative wooden boxes they arrived in; hand-blown decanters sparkle on the… Read more at Houston Chronicle

If you are planning to build you own luxurious wine cellar in your home, there are some factors that you should know first so that you can create the perfect wine room and storage. One is creating the ideal conditions and temperature for your wine collection.

Luxurious Wine Cellar

Wine Stellar: Create the Perfect East End Wine Cellar

It all begins with one bottle of wine. Perhaps that first sip of a new find or a familiar favorite begets the purchase of a case or two. Suddenly there’s a collection that needs to be properly kept. For wine collectors and oenophiles, especially here on the East End, a wine cellar is the… Read more at Dans Papers


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This magnificent 2 in 1 custom designed luxury property has two completely separate homes. Situated in the middle of “Old Palos.” Each home has its own attached and yet separate basements and garages.



Everything is top-of-the-line paying close attention to all the details. Beautiful hardwood floors, “alder” wood doors, granite counters, nine foot and two-story ceilings, heated basement floors, 5,200-plus square feet of luxurious custom finishes. View this exceptional luxury… Read more at Luxury Portfolio Blog

Luxurious custom finishes and attention to detail in every area of this luxury home. It has gorgeous hardwood floors, elegant granite counters, high ceilings, basement with heated flooring and more. This luxury property is shown only to high end clients who are specifically looking for a 2 in 1 home arrangement.


12533 S 73rd Avenue, Palos Heights, IL, USA, 60463

The ultimate related living arrangement…two distinct and luxurious homes in one structure, with the only common areas being the laundry room, and it has separate washers and dryers, and the beautiful backyard stone patio! This magnificent property was custom designed to have two completely separate dwelling units… Read more at Luxury Portfolio Blog


The Perks of Going For a Custom Home Design

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Choosing custom home style designs may be the most labor intensive design option for future homeowners. However, it is also the most creatively fulfilling option as well.

Putting a personal stamp on your home is a wonderful experience. And for those who’ve tried it, they can’t imagine designing a house any other way.

Custom Home Design

However it takes a certain personality to want to build and design a house from the ground up. Often, these are homeowners who are very particular about what they want for their home. Alternatively, a homeowner may not have a particular vision in mind, but he will want to have some form of input into every detail of his future home. Naturally, homeowners who opt to design their home this way should be prepared to make multiple decision on every facet of the house. The good news is a custom home will be able to accommodate personal preferences on the details that will not be so easily possible with a standard home design.

Having custom home style designs is not necessarily expensive. This is a misconception that has been proven wrong by the tiny home movement that has been gaining traction in the recent years. It is true that a custom home can be costly, especially if the design a homeowner wants is grand. However, for people who have simpler tastes it can be a more economical option. Architects are able to design according to a client’s budget by making the construction less complicated and maximizing building materials.

The main thing to for clients to keep in mind when opting for custom home style designs is to have a vision of the type of home they want. It would be best if they are able to be extremely clear about what they want. But if that isn’t possible, at the minimum having a clear general idea for the architect to work with is helpful in setting the final design towards the right direction. If a client has no idea what they want, an option is for them to look through the architect’s previous designs for inspiration. From there, they may be able to pull design details that appeal to them and eliminate those that do not.

It goes without saying that finding the right architect for the client’s custom home style designs vision is very important. Most architects are able to do a variety of home designs, but their work will often reveal a personal predilection. Often, this personal preference is the architect’s best design ability. Therefore, it is important for a client to do his research on his chosen architect. For example, if a client wants a modern home design it would not be ideal to hire an architect who specializes in traditional home styles and design.

Custom Home Design

Custom-designed homes turn renters into buyers

Jamie Aid and Matt Kwasek were in no hurry to buy a house, but when they found a highly customized new home for about the price of an ordinary house, they quickly moved up their… Read more at The Tennessean


Emphasizing Luxury Model Home Interior/Exterior Design

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This story highlights Doris A. Pearlman, originator of Toll Brothers’ partner Possibilities for Design, Inc.

Here is an inside look from the eyes on the luxury home interior/exterior designer.

Luxury Home Interior Exterior Design

Through the Designer’s Eyes : Doris Pearlman on Accentuating Indoor/Outdoor Spaces

From a model home merchandising perspective, we believe these models have been such a hit due to the breathtaking ‘Western Walls’ that allow for an abundance of light, good energy, large family gathering space, and incredible views of the… Read more at TollTalks

Through exceptional ability, meticulous eye for design and professional design techniques, Doris Pearlman is in the matter of building dream luxury homes. As an award-winning luxury home designer, regarded industry thought pioneer and founder of Possibilities for Design, Inc. Doris teams up with national homebuilders nationwide to create innovative and motivating luxury interior/exterior home spaces.

Luxury Design Home Spaces


“Everything that’s done in a model home is done with a purpose,” said Doris. “Each decorating and style decision is intentional, helping the buyer to appreciate the uniqueness and special features of the space – from volume to… Read more at

I Just Completed Another Custom Built Luxury Home in Los Angeles

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I’m Celebrating on the L.A. Miracle Mile

New Luxury Home Listing for Sale 405 N. Kilkea Los AngelesMy company Diditan Luxury Home Builders has just completed this beautiful modern real estate development this week after many months of hard work and effort my excellent crew put in to help make this custom built home a reality. This contemporary luxury mansion is in a thriving located at 405 N. Kilkea Drive in the heart of the “Miracle Mile” near the Beverly Center in Los Angeles.  There are so many reasons you might want to own a luxury property like this one, but, one thing for sure is that it will stand out as an immediate contender the instant you set eyes on it.

Hollywood Style

Adorned by its many Art Deco theaters that once entertained audiences with the likes of Rudolph Valentino and Greta Garbo, Miracle Mile is one of the most desirable Mid-Wilshire areas to own a home. Set aside its low crime rate and easy access to other popular neighborhoods you are left with the three primary reasons why smart investors are buying luxury homes in this area: housing market trends, amenities, and love.

Find Love

According to Trulia, 73% of Miracle Mile residents are single, 70% are college educated, and the median age is 36. If you are looking for your soul mate then Miracle Mile is an ideal place to setup base if your criteria partially includes educated 30-something urbanites. With its droves of athletic clubs, trendy bars, cafes, and museums you could be living smack in the center of an area filled with interesting people that match your lifestyle.

Call my office directly to inquire about this property for sale at 818-784-5557

Read more about this listing on my company website here:

The interior offers neutral hardwoods throughout, and a bright open floor plan that seamlessly blends the kitchen with the main living area. Natural light enters the home from multiple windows at varying heights, giving it the energy of a Sun Palace. A floating staircase hints a mid-century modern design that, set amidst the natural tones and architectural styling, conjures Danish modernism.


Eat, Shop, Ingest

Miracle Mile is a gateway to discovery. Within a short stroll’s walk you can visit Little Ethiopia off Fairfax and eat with your hands without having to worry about disapproving glances from your wife. Just east is Koreatown where you can spend a decade exploring its various culinary opportunities.

If you want access to convenient shopping Beverly Hills and Melrose are less than 5 minutes away by car, even in LA traffic. Miracle Mile is most famously known for its Museum Row; locals can stroll down to LACMA and ingest Edgar Degas’ contributions to Impressionism, or take the kids to the La Brea Tar Pits and learn about our prehistoric past.

The Petersen Automotive Museum is a great place to appreciate beauty and power, as they have some of the rarest mint cars in the world like the 1954 Mercedes W196. When you invest in a Miracle Mile home, you also buy endless opportunities to entertain even the broadest interest ranges.

Property Values Keep Going Up

There is a reason why developers keep building investment properties and custom homes in Miracle Mile. According to Trulia the average home sales price in this hot spot to call home soared from $600K to $1.123,500 in the span of only a few years with a price per square foot that increased by 5% in the last year alone! A smart buyer shouldn’t limit his criteria for buying a home down to the property specs alone but also look at his new home as an investment. Checkout the Zillow specs here.

Schedule a showing. Envision. Entertain ideas. If you are handed the keys, take joy in those next steps to add your own signature to the utopia of you.


Call my office directly to inquire about this property for sale at 818-784-5557

Schedule a showing. Envision. Entertain ideas. If you are handed the keys, take joy in those next steps to add your own signature to the utopia of you.

Old Hollywood Home Listed: $40M Once owned by Harry Warner

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Old Hollywood Home Liste $40MMy new listing of this gorgeous historic home is getting a lot of attention. It has been written about by the Wall Street Journal, Forbes and The Real Deal — and with good reason! This exquisite seven-bedroom, renovated home is comprised of original details paying homage to its “Old Hollywood” history.  Hand-carved oak and leaded-glass windows shine […]

This $40 million Beverly Hills pad has ties to old school Tinseltown. The home, owned by Harry Warner of Warner Brothers in the 1940s, has been listed by its current owner Daphna Edwards Ziman, who purchased it with her husband Richard Ziman, the real estate investor, in 1996, the Wall Street Journal reported.

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Old Hollywood Home Listed: $40M


Managing Your Renovation Budget Custom Builders– #makeitbetterBD

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Managing Your Renovation BudgetManaging your renovation budget doesn’t have to be as impossible as it sounds. Making a few smart, proactive decisions and showing a little initiative is the easiest way to make sure your budget doesn’t grow out of control. Learn about a few things you can do to keep your budget in tact by […]

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Managing Your Renovation Budget – #makeitbetterBD

Embassy Gardens’ Sky Pool

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embassy garden sky pool Wow! I’ll have to see this one in person. By 2018, residents of London’s exclusive Embassy Gardens will be able to swim in this incredible glass-bottomed floating pool. From the article >> Residents of London’s Embassy Gardens apartment complex will be able to swim between two high-rise blocks of flats via a “floating” […]

This is more than an enormous structural feat, and a minor miracle at what they have accomplished!  The building sets the stage for many future developments with home business potential and modern living.  Arie

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Embassy Gardens’ Sky Pool