Picturesque view of Florence from Michelangelo Square, Italy

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This picturesque view of Florence, Italy was taken from Michelangelo Square. Florence is the capital city of Tuscany and has the most people in the province with a population of more than 1.5 million in the greater metropolitan area. Famous for its history, Florence is considered the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance and one of the “wealthiest cities of time.”

The great beauty

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This photograph is by amazing London-based photographer Giuseppe Torre. He calls it the heart of Florence in the night: “Piazza San Giovanni.” It’s an amalgamation of 13 vertical shots–the “core” of renaissance, the iconic square with the beautiful “Santa Maria del Fiore” with the Brunelleschi’s dome in the background and the Giotto’s Bell tower in front. On the right is the Baptistery.

You can find more of his exquisite work including architecture and real estate interior photos at and on his Facebook site.