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The Estate at Kings Point in Long Island is truly one of the premier homes that offers luxury and immense privacy.

This luxurious property is very unique in design and you will be astonished for sure by the size and splendor of this home.

It is less than an hour away from New York City and probably one of the largest and most expensive homes in Long Island.

The Estate NYC


Laffey International Real Estate hosted a wonderful tour of the Estate at Kings Point in New York as part of the Luxury Portfolio Fall Workshop. This amazing property was built in 1928 and is situated on over eight acres of lush terrain. Comprised of three magnificent palatial homes this waterfront property has panoramic views of New York City… Read more at Luxury Portfolio Blog

The secluded and private estate features smart home technology, indoor and outdoor pools, saunas, wine cellars, a bowling alley, a tennis court and many more. Check out this video from to know more what this luxurious estate is all about.


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