Tips For Couples During a Custom Home Renovation – #makeitbetterBD

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couple-dining-out-eveningHow To Keep Your Relationship Together, While Your House is Torn Apart It’s no secret that any kind of stress can potentially put a strain on a relationship. The secret with renovation stress, like any other, is to get ahead of it by maintaining a positive attitude, and knowing when to take a break. For a […]

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Tips For Couples During a Renovation – #makeitbetterBD

Modern Home Design Project in Los Angeles Gets a 2nd Look

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Arie Abekasis owner of DiditanGroup, Inc. shares his plans for this 4,250 square foot one of a kind Modern designed home on Kilkea Drive in Los Angeles. Arie is well know for his fabulous Tuscan designed and stylish homes seen around the Los Angeles area.


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Amit Apel Design Inc.
6411 Independence Ave.
Woodland Hillls, CA 91367

rendering of the front of 405 kilkea new home project

One of the most attractive areas to live at this time in Los Angeles. This 5 bedroom and 6 bath home is within walking distance to popular places like The Beverly Center and The Grove.

rear rendering of 405 kilkea project home

The exact type of home is considered Modern by these drawings, Arie and his team provide a multitude of wonderful touches to each of the homes they design and build. Check out the other homes his team has done at his showcase website.

Diditan Group Builds Luxurious Custom Tuscan Homes in CA

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tuscan style design home kitchen view Diditan-Group-Custom-Tuscany-Homes-by-Arie-Abekasis-Front-House-KitchenA home builder specializing in the distinct Tuscan style, Arie Abekasis possesses extensive creative experience beginning with his years in the fashion business. Arie Abekasis currently manages the construction of custom Tuscan houses through his company, Diditan Group.

Based in Sherman Oaks, California, Diditan Group builds luxury Tuscan homes using high quality materials sourced across the United States. The company’s custom properties recreate the ambiance of the Italian countryside in the client’s own home. The company provides expert architects, engineers, and project managers who ensure strong workmanship and communication throughout the building process, culminating in a luxurious, cozy home built on time and within budget parameters.

A portfolio of the company’s completed projects in cities such as Sherman Oaks, Palm Springs, Encino and Valle Village may be found on its website,

The company’s independent financing arm, Diditan Financial, Inc., founded in 2007, provides financing at competitive rates while ensuring excellent customer service. Diditan Financial also helps homeowners with tax reassessments.

Mediterranean Luxury Home with Red Tile Roof

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Encino 1 Arie Abekasis

Here’s the front view of one of the houses we built in the San Fernando Valley. It’s Mediterranean style with a red tile roof. Clay tile colors are baked in glaze like you would see on your favorite coffee cup and don’t fade with time. This is just one reason clay tile roofing is a sound investment.

Click here to see all the photos from this property at under the Portfolio tab.

Homes by Arie Abekasis

Development Concepts and Trends for Today’s Real Estate

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“A beautiful home” is always at the top of the “list of things to buy” for every individual. However, the prerequisite to owning a magnificent mansion is not just money. Real estate development is a lot more than that.

There are a lot of dynamics involved with real estate development. It’s impossible to master all the details required for successful development without extensive experience. In this high risk market, it’s easy to end up paying heavily for a reckless investment.

real-estate-developmentWhat makes real estate development baffling is the range of skills required. To gain proficiency in this field, a complete understanding of the dimensions of the business is needed, which includes, finance, administration, urban development and construction management. Development is one of those fields that necessitate formal education as well as hands-on experience. In the path of becoming a successful real estate developer, the first step is to gain complete knowledge about the field.

However, there’s only so much that can be learned through theory and study. The most efficient way to gain industry knowledge is to delve into it practically. Getting 405-kilkea-drive-tuscan-home-project by arie abekasisinvolved in a real estate project gives you first-hand experience. Working as an apprentice under another developer is the best way to learn how things function. And an eye for identifying the demand of potential buyers and a creative mind also goes a long way toward success.

Next would be developing contacts in the market. To a large extent, the real estate industry depends on good faith. Forging bonds and earning the trust of the suppliers and construction professionals is an important art that a successful real estate developer must master.

In this field, learning never ceases. A successful developer must keep himself up to date on market trends and, over time, develop the ability to perceive trends accurately and develop keen intuition.

Development projects may take a long time to finish. When it is finally the time to reap the financial rewards of a project, astute developers often allocate substantial amounts for reinvestment in future projects.

Real estate development is a very demanding career that requires hard-work, patience, farsightedness, research, market knowledge, social skills, innovation, managerial abilities and leadership skills. Because it is such an involved business, very few individuals become successful in this field. But those who do definitely have one of the most exciting and creative jobs on the planet.

Arie Abekasis, the founder and owner of Diditan Group, a company located in Sherman Oaks, California, focuses on building custom homes. Combining well-established fashion industry experience with a penchant for uniquely designing and constructing Tuscany-style houses, he utilizes the highest-quality materials available to achieve an original dream home for each of his clients.


Quick Common Sense Guide to Being A Successful Real Estate Developer

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stop wishing start doing quoteBeing a good real estate developer is not something that comes without experience. It takes hard work and a keen sense of the market. A good developer is a successful one and thus needs to be able to predict the market trends and make the right decisions accordingly. There is a lot of risk involved in real estate development so it’s best to know what you are doing. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it!

1. Know What You Are Doing in a Lot of Different Areas

Working to become the best developer starts with learning about the job, studying the trends and becoming qualified in what you do. Getting an education formally or through an apprenticeship is necessary for success when there are so many aspects of the business to consider like finance, administration, construction management and urban development.

2. Learn by Doing

Working in the industry is the best way to learn and to put any formal education to the test. Working under another real estate developer also means eliminating some of the initial risk involved and getting the advice of someone with experience.

3. Make Connections Everywhere

The more relationships you make, the more you can rely on those connections. For example, if you continually work with the same construction professionals then they will want to keep your business and produce the highest quality and meet all deadlines. Connecting with lenders is also great when you are starting out since they will not give you funds unless they fully trust you.

4. Observe and Research

The best way to learn about current trends in the industry is to always be up to date on the real estate that is available. The Internet can also provide useful tools for determining when is and isn’t a good time to invest.

5. Reinvest!

Most property developers make the mistake of spending early gains. You should only be thinking about reinvestment for early explosive business growth.

Soft Launch of My New Business Website Diditan Group

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diditan group logoJust finished up the new design of my business website. My designers did a fantastic job at bringing the style of homes I build into perspective on the pages. Check it out here:

We believe that excellence is defined by the ability to consistently exceed our client’s expectations and bring your dreams to life. Arie Abekasis of the Diditan Group captures the magic and charm of the tall stone walls, cypress trees and cream-colored villas found all over Tuscany.

Our job as a custom home builder is to build an exquisite, unique Tuscan home that looks beautiful, makes you proud, and most importantly, makes you dream a reality. We take the rich offerings of Tuscany, and place them within reach of every person who wants to stop planning and start living their dream today.

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