Tuscan Color Palette

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Interiors of the Tuscan home often accentuate this color palette with muted greens that call up images of vineyards and olive trees, as well as with warm wood and dark metal features. The Tuscan home often includes Old World characteristics, such as wrought iron gates, tall windows, and cobblestone paths. Lines are clean but soft and classic; the Tuscan home rarely works well with sleeker, more contemporary aesthetics.

Arie Abekasis Has an Italian Love of Beauty

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The founder and owner of the Diditan Group, Arie Abekasis draws on an extensive design background to create custom Tuscan homes. Arie Abekasis maintains a commitment to creating sophisticated homes that incorporate the Italian love of beauty. The Tuscan home, no longer found only in Tuscany, communicates a timeless elegance. It has a unique look that stems from its characteristic stucco exteriors, stone features, and Mediterranean golds, yellows, and browns.

Soft Launch of My New Business Website Diditan Group

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diditan group logoJust finished up the new design of my business website. My designers did a fantastic job at bringing the style of homes I build into perspective on the pages. Check it out here: http://www.diditangroup.com.

We believe that excellence is defined by the ability to consistently exceed our client’s expectations and bring your dreams to life. Arie Abekasis of the Diditan Group captures the magic and charm of the tall stone walls, cypress trees and cream-colored villas found all over Tuscany.

Our job as a custom home builder is to build an exquisite, unique Tuscan home that looks beautiful, makes you proud, and most importantly, makes you dream a reality. We take the rich offerings of Tuscany, and place them within reach of every person who wants to stop planning and start living their dream today.

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The Villas and Vineyards of Tuscany

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Breathtaking landscape, gorgeous views of hills and vineyards, the magical Cypress trees, old-style villas, warm and rustic colors all around you, amazing food, and fantastic wine! These are just some of the aspects why people fall in love the first time they visit Tuscany.

Pictures of Tuscany – Digital Photos Online

At times I felt I was in a painting. The rolling Tuscan hills, geometric vineyards (how DO they manage to create such straight rows?), and masses of olive trees can all be seen in Italy at one glance. Yes, the olive trees actually had olives on them, almost ready to be taken off the trees to be used as olives and olive oil. The owner of the villa we stayed in had 400 olive trees on her property.

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